Questions for your AdventureKid

Questions for your AdventureKid

After a day of adventure together, asking your child questions can help you engage in meaningful conversations and learn about their experiences. Here are some questions to ask:


1. What was your favourite part of today's adventure? Why?


2. What surprised you the most during our adventure?


3. Did you learn something new today? What was it?


4. Which part of the adventure was the most challenging for you? How did you overcome it?


5. Did anything make you feel proud during our adventure?


6. Did you see any interesting animals, plants, or natural features? Can you tell me about them?


7. How did you feel when we were [hiking, exploring, etc.]? Was there a moment that made you particularly happy or excited?


8. Did you make any new discoveries or find anything interesting during our adventure?


9. What is something you would like to do differently on our next adventure?


10. Did you have any fears or worries during our adventure? How did you handle them?


11. Was there a moment today that made you feel connected to nature or the environment?


12. Did you have any funny or memorable experiences during our adventure?


13. Did you learn any lessons or gain any new skills during our adventure?


14. What do you think we should do on our next adventure? Any ideas or suggestions?


15. How did you feel spending this time together on our adventure? What did you enjoy most about it?


Remember to listen actively to your child's responses and show genuine interest in their perspective. This will encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings, fostering a stronger bond and encouraging future adventures together.

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