How to Stay Safe in Bear Country

How to Stay Safe in Bear Country

These are a few easy ways we can keep both ourselves and bears safe when we are hiking, camping, picnicking, etc in their homes.

1. Make Lots of Noise

Kids are inherently noisy creatures so this one should be easy! To avoid surprising a bear, have your kids shout things like "Hey, bear! We're in your house, bear!"

2. Stay Together

When it comes to hiking, the more the merrier! Don't let kids run ahead on the trail or wander away from the group.

3. Pack it In, Pack it Out!

Don't leave any food or wrappers behind. We don't want bears getting a taste for human food, and we also want to keep the space safe for future hikers!

4. Carry Bear Spray

Keep your bear spray somewhere it can be easily accessed and know how to use it! There are lots of videos on YouTube that explain how, like this one.

5. Keep Dogs On Leash

Dogs are curious and friendly animals who may run up to a bear wanting to play with it, and then bring an aggravated bear running back to you.

6. If You Do See a Bear...

Do not approach it. Back away slowly while speaking to it calmly. Do not turn your back on it and do not run. Bears like to use hiking trails too! If the bear walking towards you on the trail, step off the trail and give it lots of space to pass by!

7. Signs of Bears

Watch for overturned rocks, bear scat, and paw prints. These are all signs that a bear may be in the area.

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