Family Hiking Mantras

Family Hiking Mantras

Whether you’re on the trail, water, bike, or a walk around the neighbourhood, a family mantra can help motive your crew to reach your goal.

Decide on one together as a family before your adventure and pull it out whenever someone needs extra encouragement.

Mantras have been shown to help with the following:
✿ Mental Focus
✿ Stress Reduction
✿ Emotional Regulation
✿ Teamwork
✿ Self Empowerment
✿ Mindfulness
✿ Creating a Positive Mental Attitude

Here is a list of mantras that we came up with, but feel free to alter them to make it suit your family. 

1. One step at a time, we can climb any mountain. 

2. Nature is our playground. Let's explore and enjoy every moment. 

3. We are adventurers, brave and strong We can do anything we set our minds to. 

4. With every step, we grow stronger and closer to our goal.

5. We are a team. Together we can overcome any obstacle. 

6. Our adventure awaits! Let's make memories and have fun. 

7. The trail may be long, but we have the grit to carry on. 

8. We are strong and capable. Nothing can stop us. 

9. We trust our bodies to take us where we want to go. 


Time for another adventure!

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